About Why I Started KidsTags...

I have three kids. Ages 9, 7 and 4. My 7 year old has Speech Dyspraxia (delayed speech), he becomes easily distracted and wonders off, especially at large crowded events. But due to his delayed speech, it can be difficult for strangers to understand him, if he were to get lost. In addition to this, my 4 year old is extremely active and eager to explore. Regardless of these challenges, we enjoy going out to festivals and crowded events, exploring and experiencing life as a family.

I got sick of holding the kids down while I write my phone number on them with a sharpie before every event. Whereas if I am putting a temporary tattoo on them, they are eager as ever, and stay still for me while I do it. The plus side is, the text on the tattoos is much easier to read and stays on better than pen.

I find nothing more distressing than seeing a child lost in a crowd and no way of helping them. I would love for KidsTags to become so commonly used that the natural reaction to seeing a lost child is to go up to them and call the mobile number on their KidsTag. I am passionate about keeping our kids safe.